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Sample app included with the SDK demonstrates most of the
functionality available in Tiny2D.

Sample app loads its data from 2 different directories:
The first one contains common data for use with any Tiny2D app
and includes default materials, shaders, fonts etc. The second
contains Sample specific data.

Below description contains details on how to run Sample app on
different platforms.


Windows build is currently using Visual Studio C++ Express 2008
but it is trivial to get it to work with any other Visual
Studio version - this is what needs to be done:

1) Open Project/VS2008/Tiny2D.sln with whatever Visual Studio
version you use (be it 2010, 2012 or 2013).
2) Agree to convert the project to your VS version.
3) Build the library.
4) Do 1-3 steps for Sample/VS2008/Tiny2D_Sample.sln too.

Visual Studio solutions have 4 configurations. Besides standard
Debug and Release, they also have DebugGLES and ReleaseGLES.
The ones with GLES in their name are using OpenGL ES as
as opposed to OpenGL to more closely emulate mobile devices.

Tip: when running Sample via Visual Studio set "Working Directory"
in Project Settings of the "Tiny2D_Sample" project to "$(OutDir)"
to make sure assets can be found by the application.


Note: currently only Android 2.3 devices and higher are supported.

Android build requires prior installation of the Android SDK and NDK.
Android SDK contains Eclipse IDE specifically configured for
Android development.

To build Android Sample APK (Android executable) follow these steps:
1) Go to Sample\Android directory.
2) Build native (C++) code by running make_libs.bat
3) Copy assets by running make_assets.bat
4) Open Eclipse and import the project from Sample/Android directory.
   If successful, Eclipse will automatically build APK file:
5) Press green arrow to run your build on either real device or (emulator)
   with custom Android version (2.3 or higher), custom resolution etc.


I got report from one person that they have successfully compiled
Tiny2D sample on Linux with a couple of changes (check this) but there's
no official Linux support yet.

However, getting Tiny2D to run on Linux is currently one of my top
priorities and I plan to have CodeBlocks based project up and
running soon on Linux.

MacOS, iOS and other platforms

Not there yet but should be easy to do.

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